Vijayadasami is traditionally celebrated as the final tenth night after Navarathri. All students of arts, musicians and dancers especially, pay homage to the Original Guru, which is the Spirit of Knowledge. Students are privileged to have been shown the right path by the ‘Guru’ – or Dispeller of Darkness (Ignorance), who is the meaning of the word, Guru. At Sutra, Vijayadasamis have been celebrated annually for more than thirty years. As the principal teacher-founder, Ramli Ibrahim remembers the times, during Sutra’s Penchala days when Vijayadasamis were conducted in a small unused square unused water-well which acted like a sanctum for the group of dancers, then. Now, Sutra students have multiplied in numbers and Vijayadasami this year was conducted in a grand manner. Beginning with a simple puja, the night culminated in performances of bharatanatyam and odissi where dancers performed and got the blessings and ‘release’.IMG-99_preview