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Terms and Conditions

1. It is compulsory that all students pay their semester fees by the first month of each semester. (RM 210/semester)
2. Late payment will be penalised a fine of RM 30.
3. Lost of student card is fined RM 10


It is compulsory to wear Sutra Academy’s uniform (Kurta / Saree) during classes. Until you receive the uniforms, you are encouraged to wear any practice saree or kurta tops with stretchable pants.
Please endure hair is neatly tied up.


Students are required to have your own medical insurance. Sutra will not be held responsible for any injury of students.

Student Conduct

1. Student MUST inform the class teacher or Sutra office if you are not able to
attend class by phone or written letter. Students who are absent for more than 3 classes will be removed from the Academy and will have to re-register to start class again. This is not encouraged.
2. Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the studio.
3. Students are NOT allowed to touch paintings, photographs & sculptures of Sutra Gallery. Students are also not allowed to lean against the walls.
4. Smoking is NOT allowed inside Sutra’s premises.

Class Conduct

1. Parents are not encouraged to sit in during classes unless prior permission has
been granted.

House Conduct

1. Vandalism of plants, property and animals are NOT allowed. Children are to be
supervised and not allowed to feed the pets.
2. Sutra is not responsible for vehicle parked under “No Parking” zones. Parking in front of the gate is not allowed.
3. Good hygiene must be maintained throughout Sutra at all times.