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Sutra Dance Outreach Program

Sutra Foundation’s Dance Outreach Program started it’s journey with the intention of offering opportunities to children and teenagers (from age 6 to 15 years old) to benefit from a formal training in dance. The program’s major objective is to provide the best teaching methods and early exposure to the exciting and creative world of Indian dance. Simultaneously, Sutra is keen to discover new talents and aims to empower youths outside city centres by cultivating a love for timeless Indian traditional values through dance as this can contribute positively to their emotional and spiritual growth and be cultural bridges for their communities. Odissi (rather than bharatanatyam) serves as the dance discipline chosen to kindle this physical and character transformation.

One of the Foundation’s missions is to provide scholarships in order to develop Malaysian performing arts talents to the highest level. Through Sutra Outreach Program the participating young dancers in performance stipulated with creative, healthy and stimulating experience.

This offers a huge potential for developing creativity and innovation across the curriculum of the student and nurturing the self-growth for the creative industry.

Apart from that, this project will promote the traditional element of performing arts in Malaysia. This project not only focuses at traditional dance performance at the highest level, but also addresses the wider needs of the dance professional, enabling the seasoned dancers to make innovative contributions at every stage of their careers.

We believe Sutra Dance Outreach program it’s a stepping stone for the young outreach students and believe our approach is aligning to our Foundation vision and mission. 

Ramli Ibrahim with Kirthana

Sri Subramanyar Kuil, Kuala Selangor

Dancers of Sutra Dance Outreach Program, 2019

Male dancers of Sutra Dance Outreach Program, 2020

Sutra Dance Outreach Program

Performing at the Sri Subramaniam Temple, Jalan Reko, 2018