Sutra Academy

Sutra Dance Outreach Program

Sutra Dance Outreach Program was started in 2013 with the intention of offering opportunities to children and teenagers (ages six to fifteen) to benefit from formal training in dance. The main objective is to provide the best teaching methods and early exposure to the exciting and creative world of Indian dance. Sutra is keen to discover new dance talents outside Kuala Lumpur to transmit its legacy to the next generation of dancers. The young dancers of the Sutra Dance Outreach Program are chosen from Kajang, Rawang, Ladang Sungai Choh and Kuala Selangor, where the Dance Outreach programs are held. The Foundation strives to reach out to the less privileged Indian communities outside Kuala Lumpur and expose them to a more efficient methodology of teaching dance and to the exciting and creative world of Indian dance. Through the program, we hope to develop in the youths the love for the timeless traditional values and, eventually, themselves, be the cultural bridges for the communities.

Ramli Ibrahim with Kirthana

Sri Subramanyar Kuil, Kuala Selangor

Dancers of Sutra Dance Outreach Program, 2019

Male dancers of Sutra Dance Outreach Program, 2020

Sutra Dance Outreach Program

Performing at the Sri Subramaniam Temple, Jalan Reko, 2018