Navarathri is an auspicious 9-day celebration, usually celebrated with recitals of dance, song and music performed all over the temples, sabhas and homes. The week is especially dedicated to the Arts and is artistically active time for traditional Indian communities in Kuala Lumpur and other smaller towns. Sutra dancers will be busy performing in temples, taking in venues at Sutra itself, to performing in temples in Kuala Lumpur, Rawang and Kajang. This is an especially creative and challenging time for new talents- a time when the dancers perform their newly-learnt repertoires.
For those who have watched Sutra young dancers last year, this year is going to be a pleasant surprise as they have made a quantum leap over and above expectation in terms of development and mastering their art form. They have worked hard and the improvement is palpable! Friends and families are welcome to partake in these festivities of dance and music of their siblings, friends and loved ones. Sutra Foundation.
Navratri 2019