Sutra Foundation was privileged to be part of a compelling tribute to art historian and dance critic, the late Dr Sunil Kothari, presented live at Natarani Theatre of Darpana, Ahmedabad on 21 Jan, 2021. It was hosted by well known actor, dancer and activist Mallika Sarabhai who had contacted me, to contribute to this homage as Dr Kothari had also been a great supporter of Sutra and for a number of years, had interacted with us. Sutra was doubly privileged as we had performed several times at Natarani through Dr Kothari’s introduction. We were fortunate to have performed at Natarani/Darpana when the late Mrinalini Sarabhai was alive. Therefore, the event was a double tribute to both Sunil-Ji and Mrinalini-ji, two giants and pioneers of Indian dance.