Dear Friends,

Where the art of photography is concerned, Eric Peris stands a giant among modern Malaysian artists. He never cease to amaze us with his photographic innovation and inventive creativity. Although Eric is known for his black-and-white photography, _Pastel Shades_ represents his foray which combines his sensitivity for colour with his b/w photography. His works essentially bring out the various aesthetic and philosophical concepts from ‘anicca’ (impermanence) to the Zen notion of ‘essence’ which make his photographic essays so ‘classic’ in our eyes.

Ramli Ibrahim
Pastel Shades  – Exhibition of Photography by Eric Peris
Sutra Gallery | Thursday 25 July 2019 | 8.30pm
Officiated by Datuk Ramli Ibrahim – Chairman of Sutra Foundation
Exhibition continues until 8 August 2019
Sutra Gallery
603 4021 1092