Parama Padam – The Life's Game of Snakes & Ladders, a dance theater production by Apsaras Arts on 3rd August 8PM

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July 9, 2019

Sutra Foundation & Apsaras Arts


 Parama Padam – The Life’s Game of Snakes & Ladders

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Shantanad Auditorium Temple of Fine Arts / 8pm

Parama Padam is an ancient Indian board game which was created in ancient India. On the game board there are a hundred squares which are illustrated with ladders and snakes. The ladders in the game represent good virtues and the snakes indicate vices. Ladders take you up as the good deeds take us to heaven and the snakes bring you down as cause of your vices. During the 18th century, the British made this game popular world-wide and called it “Snakes and Ladders”.

Drawing inspiration from the philosophy of the ancient Indian Board Game – Parama Padam (Snakes & Ladders), Sutra Foundation Malaysia and Apsaras Arts Singapore present a solo thematic production, featuring internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam dance artiste Mohanapriyan Thavarajah.

Entrance by donation RM 50 and RM 30.

For bookings call now Sutra Foundation at 03-40211092 or email at .

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