First Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival to Feature 205 Individuals from Malaysia’s Performance Arts Scene across Music, Dance & Theatre

13 August 2020, Kuala Lumpur – The Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia has joined hands with Malaysian performing artists from across the country to introduce the first Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival. The Festival will look to celebrate Malaysia’s traditional performance arts culture through modern mediums.

Organised by Masakini Theatre Company, Sutra Foundation and Surprise Ventures, the festival will congregate over 205 individuals from across Malaysia’s performance arts scene – including artists, cameramen, lighting crew, equipment contractors and more. The artists will gather to showcase a diverse range of music, dance and theatre across 17 days.

Commenting on the announcement, Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri, Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia said, “There has never been an arts event or festival of this scale and form in Malaysia and we are proud to be bringing you Malaysia’s First Virtual Arts Festivals in all its glory. Gerak Angin truly embodies the national artistic and cultural spirit through the companies involved and the performances that will be on show.”

“Malaysia has one of the most vibrant performance arts cultures – shaped by decades of growth from a kaleidoscopic background of people and places. Gerak Angin is a celebration of that immense heritage. It captures the essence of being Malaysian and reawakens and uplifts spirits, something we all need at this time,” she added.

Gerak Angin’s captivating logo was designed in part by renowned local artist Sivarajah Natarajan fondly known as the “dancers’ painter”. Gerak Angin will feature the most diverse collection of Malaysian performing artists ever. There will be 17 production companies from all corners of Malaysia cutting across music, dance and theatre.

The proverbial curtain on Gerak Angin rises on 16 September 2020 – in conjunction with Malaysia Day. From there, Gerak Angin will feature one, 10 to 15 minute performance from a participating production company everyday until 2 October 2020. These performances will be uploaded on to the Festival’s YouTube channel and will also be available via the Festival’s website and Facebook page.

Amongst the musical performances are Geng Wak Long, KL Jazz & Arts Centre and Pusat Budaya Pusaka, whereas dance production companies are Sutra Foundation, Dua Space Dance Theatre and Cempaka Performing Arts Company. Rounding out the three sectors will be theatre companies such as STEPS, ACX Productions and Theatrethreesixty.

“These past few months have been incredibly difficult for all Malaysians – including performing artists who have found it nigh impossible to showcase their talents amidst the global pandemic,” said Puan Sri Sabera Shaik, Artistic Director of Masakini Theatre Company. “Gerak Angin represents our collective effort to create a new platform that can transcend space, time and generations to shine the largest possible spotlight on these amazingly diverse, beautiful and talented artists.”

Shot in spectacular high-definition 4K cameras at the famed Studio Ramli Hassan, Gerak Angin will give fans and newcomers alike a never before seen experience of Malaysian performance arts. Content will be delivered via the most accessible digital platforms and served in easily digestible chunks providing for the best bet at broadening the appeal of cultural Malaysian arts.

“Gerak Angin was conceptualised to breathe new life into the performance arts scene in Malaysia,” said Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Chairman of Sutra Foundation. “We want Gerak Angin to both empower local artists with a dynamic and modern approach whilst simultaneously inspiring viewers with breath-taking performances. I truly believe that Gerak Angin has the right mix of authenticity and accessibility to effectively showcase all that Malaysian performance arts has to offer.”

For a full line-up of performers and to find out more about Gerak Angin visit To stay up to date on Festival’s progress follow Gerak Angin on Facebook or Instagram through

About Sutra Foundation

A bastion of traditional and contemporary arts, the Sutra Foundation is bequeathed to Malaysia by one of its most celebrated sons, YBhg. Datuk Ramli Ibrahim.

Sutra Foundation carries into the future the thread of his vision and contribution to the Malaysian arts scene. The Foundation strives to develop the breadth and depth of Malaysian performing and visual arts through stimulating the creative spirit of cross-cultural Malaysia.

Various cultures come together here to forge a unique ‘sutra’ bond that fosters a universal yet distinctively Malaysian interpretation of the arts.

About Masakini Theatre Company

Masakini Theatre Company was set up in 2003 to give young hopefuls a foothold into the local theatre scene and to showcase works with an Asian and Malaysian bent. It was also set up to showcase works by actress, playwright Sabera Shaik whose works have garnered a considerable following and critical acclaim.

About Surprise Ventures

Surprise Ventures is a multidisciplinary PR, Marketing & Events agency that focused on curating community engagement projects for large organisations. For more than one year, we have organised and carried out various initiatives that have produced high valued outcomes.

One of the notable projects that Surprise Ventures had embarked on is the #ProjekKomunitiKita together with an international developer at a local community housing area in KL. This particular project brought together multiple partners from the arts industry and achieved a successful outcome.