Asyiknya Rasa Asli
Temiar Community
14 April 2015
Dear Friends,
Welcome to Embrace 5 – Significant Moments, Then & Now, our online mini documentary series, compiled from Sutra’s archival library.
On 14 April 2015, Sutra presented a unique in-house Temiar Cuisine dinner which we called ‘Asyiknya Rasa Asli’. The Temiar community is one of the larger families of Orang Asli or Indigenous population of the Peninsula. This brief video focuses on the unique and seldom encountered experience of Temiar cuisine, in order to get to know their culture better.
The Orang Asli of Malaysia faces numerous challenges in their present predicament. Sutra lost contact with them temporarily for the last 5 years, as the performing arts itself was facing issues and obstacles to survive in an environment unsympathetic towards our intangible heritage. We hope one day to continue our interactive engagement with these gentle people who are being deprived of their sustainable natural habitat and dignity.