Dear Friends,
ATMA, an Exhibition of mixed media prints by Sivarajah Natarajan, is the 16th and last exhibition presented by Sutra Foundation for 2018 in what can be described as a most creative year for this small but highly charged gallery. Sutra Gallery, nestled within the sylvan surroundings of Sutra House, has been a hotbed of creativity, integrating and connecting the related arts of theatre, dance and fashion with myths and the visual arts. Though Sivarajah is one of Malaysia’s leading lighting designers, he has always considered himself a visual artist first, albeit a rare one whose remarkable figurative works have always been inspired by theatre and the performing arts. In ATMA, Sivarajah explores myth-making with textured digital mixed media prints – something he has not done before. The result is a collection of evocative images of sheer mystery and exquisite beauty.
Atma_Invitation-1 final