Dear Friends,

To say that Ramli Ibrahim has always been fascinated by the body would have been an understatement. However, not many would know that Ramli has always drawn since he was very young.

For the last 4 decades as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, Ramli has studied and made numerous drawing studies of his dancers. Naturally, he regards these drawings as an extension of his fascination with dance movement.

Fortunately, the MCO has brought many of these drawing studies once again to the fore when they were discovered as Sutra’s stores were being cleared and rearranged.

The present exhibition
Arousing the Body (1990 – 2021) is a collection of drawings by Malaysia’s leading dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, one who has not only made the body his prime preoccupation but has stirred the nation’s interest in the dancer’s body through his dance works.

The exhibition is for private viewing only, by appointment and held at KamaRia Gallery, PJ.
(T: 03 40211092 office hours)

Nirmala Karuppiah