Divinity Within – Photography Exhibition by Eric Peris

Published Date:

September 5, 2018

Dear Friends,
Distinguished photographer Eric Peris’ solo exhibition ‘Divinity Within’ is very much a dedication to actors/dancers especially those of traditional and ritual-based theatre. Eric’s  exploration  of ‘Divinity’ compels him  to question  the very  essence  of  the mystical and mysterious in Theatre – whether it exists in the divine geometry of form or  prana (vital breath)  or ‘rasa’.   Whatever  it’s manifestation, this  elusive and inexplicable  ‘Divinity’  is  communicated  to us the  audience  as  a  heightened experience of resonance with the Higher Principle that enable  us  to  intuitively understand ‘something bigger’ than our mundane lives and preoccupations.
Poster updated by Wei Jun

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