“Unseen” – An Exhibition of  Fine Art Photography by Prem Rawat

Artist:  Prem Rawat
Gallery: Sutra Gallery, 12, Persiaran Titiwangsa 3, 53200 Kuala Lumpur +603 – 4021 1092
Opening: 20th October 2015

Prem Rawat, more often known for his passion in bringing his message of peace, speaking to people from all corners of the globe about the possibility of finding peace in their lives, cut his teeth in photography as a young 9 year old, experimenting with a pin hole camera and progressing steadily over the years in what was to become a lifelong interest. What captured his attention then, as now, was how to help people see the unseen and be able to appreciate beauty that might otherwise be missed. ‘Unseen’ showcases Prem Rawat’s fine art photography of two natural elements, so omnipresent they are commonly overlooked – water and fire. For each piece, he set the stage for the element to perform, and then captured it using both patience and speed. With Nature’s choreography and the artist’s persistence, all the right ingredients come together, frozen in time at a fraction of a second, to reveal the wonder of Nature unfolding through a sliver of time. A renowned public speaker, an experienced pilot, insightful designer and author, Prem Rawat adds “fine art photographer” to his list of many accomplishments.

The exhibition opens on 20th October 2015 at the Sutra Gallery and is expected to run for 2 weeks.

  • For further information please contact :  

Mr. Paul Bloomfield, pauldbloomfield@gmail.com

Dr Krishnan Vellayan +6012-3921024 www.rawatcreations.com