UNSEEN, the fine art photography exhibition by renowned international ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, at Sutra Gallery is warmly received by all who are present. Prem Ji explains clearly and succinctly the concept of his photography where he connects it with his own message of peace. “The ability to find this peace is always there within us. We do not have to work to acquire it from outside. We need only to recognise and find it as part of our being. War on the other hand, is something we have to work hard at. We need to spend money, effort and energy to engage in war. So why do it?… ” says Prem Rawat. Prem’s photography depicted two vital elements – fire and water. The images are cosmic in their shapes and conjure the constantly changing universe itself. Their ambiguity lent to incredible interpretations as the images perform their creative abstract dance which morph into clouds of dragons, phoenixs, mushrooms and what have you!
Sutra dancers performed a compelling odissi homage to Surya – the ball of fire which emerges from the ocean of creation as the supreme metaphor of the triumph of light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance. Fitting invocation indeed, not only for the exhibition but also in celebration of this auspicious week of Navarathri.Photographs by S Magendran
Mr Prem Rawat being welcome by Ramli Ibrahim and Sivarajah Natarajan. Also seen are
Mr Paul Bloomfield and Mr Siva Anamalay
YAM Tengku Puteri Nor Zehan, Mr Prem Rawat and YAM Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Syed Anwar
Sutra dancers performing Surya Staka at Amphi-Sutra