Sutra wishes for Malaysia to continue being progressive on all fronts — especially in education, sustainability, city-planning and anti-corruption efforts. The rakyat want efficiency and good governance at all levels, but sound policies need able, visionary and trustworthy leaders to implement them – good governance, after all, should be above petty politics.

There is a worrying trend of clamping down on the public voice and a rise in extremist and absolutist values, which is polarising and poisoning the mindset of the populace. Right education seems to be the long-term antidote and solution. Dissemination of knowledge and right information, integrity and ethics seem to be more and more crucial in this digital age. There is great mistrust and cynicism with politics and hyper-capitalistic corporate agendas.

The whole fabric of civil infrastructure and machinery of governance needs a good overhauling and make-over. The rakyat is waiting for the visionary leader to make it all happen! And soon!

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim
Chairman of Sutra Foundation

photo: A. Prathap
photo credit: Sutra Foundation