Sutra Foundation

Stillness Consumed
exhibition of drawing and sculpture by Yuande Zheng

Officiated by Datuk Rosaline Ganendra (Board of Director, Minconsult)
16 August, 2014 (opening) – 8pm
exhibition continues until 16 September, 2014.

 At Kamaria, No 6 Jalan 16/7 Petaling Jaya

(please RSVP if attending opening launch)

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It is understandable if Yuande Zheng’s coming exhibition is received with anticipation by art aficionados, because the last solo exhibition in Malaysia of this talented and passionate artist was more than 15 years ago. Once regarded as one of the most promising young visual artists of Malaysia (winner of the ‘Bakat Muda Sezaman 1984’), Yuande Zheng has continued to develop a body of significant creative works with a distinctive figurative style. In his younger days, Yuande Zheng’s drawings and oil paintings explored the human figure in the reflective mood of either doing something or nothing at all. It was his poignant figures of Chinese Opera actors or musicians (in oil or water colours), suffused in the mysterious light of makeshift dressing rooms, which stirred the imagination of his admirers. These lonely Chinese Rembrandt-like figures set the standard for and became the archetype of Malaysian Chinese Opera genre.

The intense meditative quality and stillness absorbed have remained the hallmark of Yuande Zheng’s works. Only now, more simplified and intense.

In his coming exhibition of Stillness Consumed presented by Sutra Foundation, Yuande Zheng has further fleshed out and distilled the penetration and essence of earnest concentration in both his drawings and bronze sculptures. His figures seem to have stopped in mid-air of whatever action they were performing to sensitise us to the aesthetics of movement in stillness and vice versa. We can still sense the continuity of poetic tendency of yonder years, especially in his drawings. The visages of his drawn figures float by or are caught in suspended animation within imagined space, supremely focused and intense in their deed.

However, this romantic and poetic inclination has given way to a rather stark exploration of the abstraction of pure gestures and movements in his bronze sculptures. They emerge as deconstructed figures with delineated features – some in overtly acrobatic poses – which eventually assume visages of ‘purity’ in distortion.  Limbs and torsos form compellingly intense lines, triangles with spines in twisted spirals. They taunt us into the wonderment of the imagined realms of the possibility of the human body. Yuande’s minimalist bronze sculptures stir our minds to abstracting the essentials of the human body in this evocative exhibition of distorted but incongruously ‘pure’ human figurative forms.

Private viewing other than on the opening is by appointment (RSVP or call 03 – 4021 1092, office hours)