Speech & Dance Performance by Datuk Ramli Ibrahim & Sutra Dancer on 11 January 2015 (Sunday).

This occasion took place in support of Vivekananda Ashram in celebration of 152nd Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi 2015.

SAM_2880-3Audience wrapped in attention to various outpouring of points of views from many community leaders

SAM_2880-56Ramli Ibrahim speaks why we don’t need another highrise building in Brickfields…

SAM_2880-16Sutra performs Odissi – Suryastaka pays homage the Sun as the Dispeller of Darkness (Ignorance).

SAM_2880-17Suryastaka by Sutra dancers

SAM_2880-38Suryastaka by Sutra dancers

SAM_2880-55Sutra with Organising Chairman of ‘Save Vivekananda Ashram’, Mr Rajasingham