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Indian Classical Dance :  SAPTHASHREE, Nuanced Numerical
Ajith Bhaskaran Dass, internationally acclaimed Malaysian Bharatha Natyam dancer is presenting his new work in Bharatha Natyam, entitled Sapthashree, Nuanced Numerical.
Ajith is an exponent in exploring the subtle nuances of Bharatha Natyam and offering a wide range and choice of themes.  Using Bharatha Natyam not only as a repertoire but as a language of its own, he will be giving audiences 120 minutes of non-stop dance in this latest presentation.  Sapthashree will premiere on Saturday, 6th August 2016 at the Shantanand Auditorium, Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.  The production features Ajith Bhaskaran Dass, one of Malaysia’s most prolific Bharatha Natyam artiste and core dancers from his dance academy, Suvarna.
Sapthashree is presented by Suvarna Fine Arts in association with Sutra Foundation, a foundation dedicated to developing the breadth and depth of Malaysian performing and visual arts through stimulating the creative spirit of cross-cultural Malaysia under the guidance of Datuk Ramli Ibrahim.
Sapthashree is a thematic presentation woven around the number 7 (seven).  The number 7 (seven) is a unique number that has been revered in most civilisations and cultures throughout human history.  Through religious mystical symbolisms to daily life the number seven has inexplicably entered our lives.  Seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven musical notes, seven deadly sins and the list is endless.  Inspired by this mystic numeric, this new work explores the mythological and cultural signifance of this number in the Indian ethos.
Using the versatile Bharatha Natyam vocabulary and complex rhythmic permutations, ancient and contemporary texts and evocative music and visuals, Sapthashree weaves this concept through imaginative choreography.
Ajith brings to his works a refreshing perspective that rejuvenates the classical idiom.
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“Classical dancers are often compared to fashion designers and are constantly expected to redefine their creations to remain current and relevant.  However I feel that all great art stems from consistency and continuity. The endeavour should not be to change the canvas of classical dance but to reinfuse it with strokes of creative hues steeped in classicism” said Ajith.
“I am also always inspired by the poetry of numbers that is used in Bharatha Natyam rhythmic sequences.  I always envision dancing ‘numbers’ and that is my impetus in choreography apart from the text and melody.” continued Ajith.
Thus Sapthashree sees Ajith bringing a different feel to his choreography.  Suvarna is well known for its vibrant and energetic choreography.  However the choreographic exploration in Sapthashree focuses on the classicism of Bharatha Natyam, the inherent stillness within energy, while featuring rhythmic and melodic permutations that are mathematical in nature.  The creativity here is to bring forth the brilliance of Bharatha Natyam and to inspire creative thinking of the substance within the classical framework, and not merely superficial changes to the form.
“Ajith has pursued the art of bharatanatyam right to its core, not just as one of its major exponents but more importantly as one of its rare dance-makers. Ajith, nowadays, performs his own compositions. Together with his accomplished troupe who he has assiduously trained, Ajith, Sutra is proud to say, is in the forefront of bharatanatyam in Malaysia.” said Datuk Ramli, the Chairman of Sutra Foundation.
Datuk Ramli is also one of Ajith’s gurus (teacher) in dance and Ajith is happy to be able to present this production in association with the banner of his guru.
It is a not to be missed production for art lovers in the country.  The production features an original music score by Delhi based composers Dr Vasudevan Iyengar and K Venkateshwaran.  Sapthashree will be performed to a live orchestra of eminent musicians.

Sapthashree, Nuanced Numeric
will be staged at the Shantanand Auditorium, Temple of Fine Arts, Brickfields, KL on Saturday 6th August 2016 at 7.30pm.

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