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October 6, 2015

silver fish
Ramli Ibrahim recently gave an illustrated talk to promote Sutra’s newest publication Quintessential Sutra at Silverfish, Bangsar Village (Level 2) on the 3 October 2015, 5pm. This beautiful pictorial book traces Sutra’s journey from 2004 – 2015 presenting highlights of Sutra’s achievements in several landmark national and international performances.  A. Prathap (senior photographer of Times of India) photographs shone in this publications – as well as those of Sivarajah Natarajan, S Magen and Abtin Javid – in a comprehensive coverage of both Sutra’s odissi and contemporary modern repertoire. Edited by Diana Khoo, the contributing articles by Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat, Dr Dinanath Pathy and Ramli himself gave the book just the right reading content to make it a must have book for your library. Quintessential Sutra is definitely a collector’s item and represents a compelling testament of the success story of Malaysian performing talents. Quintessenal Sutra is available for sale at Silverfish and Sutra (for enquiries: 03 – 4021 1092).

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