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GANJAM, the photography exhibition, expresses Sutra’s spectacular odissi production of the same name, which was premiered at Istana Budaya in September 2015, captured in photography by two talented photographers: A. Prathap (India) and S. Magendran (Malaysia).

It is apparent that both photographers have their own preferences. Magen’s works reflect the sensitive eye of someone who measures everything he does. His images portray the soft poetry and nuance of a deliberated approach that exudes a timeless quality.

On the contrary, A. Prathap, who is a principal photographer with The Times of India(Chennai), looks at dance movements with a strong design and technical approach, emulating his clear and precise outlook to life. Determined to achieve what he wants in his photography, Prathap’s pictures have a confidence and starkness of flair that echoes his pragmatic philosophy.

Previously, both photographers gave rare moments of excellent male dancing during Sutra’s festival Joined in Dance (2012). For their latest project, GANJAM captures another dance history in the making, as Sutra blazes the odissi dance trail.

The exhibition immortalises some of the great moments of the production while unveiling the story of the connection and lineage of odissi with the culturally rich district of Ganjam, South Odisha — all in supreme breath-taking images duly recorded by ready shutters.

The photography exhibition is held at Sutra Gallery on 11 March 2016 (Friday) at 8.30pm and shifts to the Foyer, Auditorium DBKL Menara DBKL 1 from 23 – 27 March for theodissi performance of GANJAM.