Noted Odishi dancer Ramli Bin Ibrahim performed Odishi at Agragamee project of Kashipur

Published Date:

November 16, 2015

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Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Rayagada:  It was an exchange of cultural and art event at Kashipur and Rayagada.Mr. Ramli Bin Ibrahim a noted artist of Odishi from Malaysia showed his innovative skills of Odishi and Shiva Tandaba dance at Agragamee project of Kashipur.  He could exhibit before the enthralled school children of Mukta Gyana kutir and village community and not the least to the staff of Agragamee. The little children could make all rehearsal with him. On his sharing he expressed the uniqueness on cultural heritage that bestowed high glimpses throughout world .That is the glory of Odisha to covet all on those Mudras of Odishi. Besides that he also shared the dynamics of art and culture which can establish the artists towards global field. Dr. Dinanath Pathi also graced in the limelight with his team and the students of Painting technology are the guides for those children to inspire their skills on good art and drawing.Mr. Achyut Das and Mrs. Vidhya Das the pioneers of Agragamee also expressed their gratitude to the visitors for their astute support for the children towards their innovative skill development On the reception at State Resource Centre (SRC), Rayagada they shared their experience with the local citizens and admired their visit in the backward region like Rayagada where need of quality education is required. On literacy they also expected the rhythm of knowledge not through text books but also skill based exposure where the vision can be ensured. Dr. Chandan Singh, Director of SRC conveyed his highest accolade to the visitors.

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