Navarathri Festival 2014 | Sutra Foundation Outreach Program

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October 13, 2014
Uchipillayar Temple 
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Photo by Jega  |  students are doing salutation first sequence of Mangala Caranam ( Odissi )  

unnamed (4) Photo by Jega | Geethika Seri & Datuk Ramli Ibrahim performed Pallavi ( Odissi )
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photo by Abtin | Datuk Ramli Ibrahim Felicitated by Managers of Uchipillayar Temple


Kuala Selangor

Subramaniam Temple
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SG.Choh & Kuala Selangor’s Students together did Guru Duction to Guru Ramli Ibrahim.
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 Guru Duction Plates, later all dancers put their feet bells inside plates to bless them by Guru and Temple’s ministrants
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as usual warm-up and preparation was the first part of dance,
senior dancers of KL. Selangor leading new students  to be ready for performance  
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Datuk Ramli Ibrahim and Subramaniam Temple Managers are looking at the performance
unnamed (11)at the end ministrants & managers of temple felicitated all over 100 dancers  
unnamed (12)ministrants & managers of temple felicitated Datuk Ramli Ibrahim
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