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Rehearsals images with Shama Bhate, choreographer and director, of NADROOP production of ‘I have a role!’ based on the inner turmoils of the protagonists of Mahabharata in their complex relationship with Krishna, the master puppeteer of the Kurukshetra War. The production featured strong performers of seven dance styles: Ramli Ibrahim as Yudhisthira (Odissi), Vyjayanthi Kashi as Kunti (Kuchipudi), Gopika Varma as Ghandari (Mohini Attam), Vaibhav Arekar as Karna (Bharatanatyam), Dr Kannan as Bhisma (Kathakali), Rakesh Sai Baboo as Duryodana (Mayurbhanj Chhau) and talented Kathak dancer from Nadroop, Ameera Pathankar as Draupadi (Kathak). The production is ably supported by 16 kathak dancers from Nadroop, 3 bharatanatyam dancers from Vaibhav Arekar’s school and 4 wonderful Mayurbhanj dancers from Rakesh’s dance troupe. This spectacle production premiered on 28 Feb, 2015 at MIT College Ground, Kothrud.