Sutra Foundation
cordially invites you to

Mega Mendung by Kishore Sahoo
Officiated by Abdullah Abu Samah
On 25 May (Thursday), 2017
8.30 pm
Kamaria Gallery

Charcoal & Dry Pestal on Paper, 60  X 36 Inches, 2017  

The mega mendung (rain clouds) batik motif of Cirebon (Java) becomes the canopy of cloud on which artist Kishore Sahoo floats his sensuous bodies. The androgynous figures drift lyrically in slow motion through the moisture-laden rain clouds, forming and morphing into evermore exploration of forlorn longing to touch and be touched. Kishore’s figurative drawings of charcoal and pastel are contemporary versions of the temple friezes of Khajuraho, Konark or Candi Sukuh (Java) where snake-nest of conjoining lovers, under the instigation of a fallen angel, form the matrix of rati-bandha, a knotted bundle of carnal desire personified.

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