Mahabharata : I have a role too will be re-staged in Pune on the 8 May, 2015. Ramli Ibrahim
will reprise his role as Yudhhishthira in this wonderful work of Shama Bhate which features
other stars of Indian classical dance styles (Kuchipudi/Vyjayanthi Kashi; Mohini Attam/Gopika Varma;
Kathakali/Dr Kannan; Bharatanatyam/Vaibhav Arekar; Mayurbhanj Chau/Rakesh Sai Baboo;
Kathak/Ameera Pathankar.
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The production was held ably by the dedicated dancers of Nad Roopa
who sweep across the stage in breathtaking choreography by Shama Ji. The music gave the melancholic
mood of nostalgia, questioning and despair which pervades the production…