Mission Accomplished

Last performance of Krishna, Love Re-invented on 24 Nov, 2014 at MS University, Baroda

Dear Friends,
We’ve just returned from a tremendous odissi performance tour of Krishna, Love Reinvented in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. This was undertaken right after an equally wonderful tour of U.S.(and Edmonton, Canada) and to make it even more challenging, with a different cast of Krishna, Radha and some gopis … Fortunately, the stars were aligned positively and both tours we executed without any hitch. The last performance in Vadodara was simply the jewel in the crown, with appreciative full house and standing ovation (see photos). Thank you all,  especially the organisers in U.S., Canada and India; Sutra dancers were radiant and Sivarajah, as always rose to the occasion to give Krishna, the scintillating springtime Vrindavan aura it needed.

Thank you all…
and Next!