Kuala Lumpur exhibit spotlights Persian arts
Tehran Times Art Desk

TEHRAN – An exhibition displaying works by eight Iranian painters and photographers opened at the Sutra Foundation in the Malaysian capital on Friday.

Artist Amir-Hossein Zekrgu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which was attended by a number of international critics and artists.  The exhibit entitled “Persian Motif” showcases some works by Zekrgu who is also a professor of Islamic and Oriental art studies at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. The exhibit features a total of 27 artworks by Zekrgu, Sedaqat Jabbari, Hojjat Ranjbar, Asghar Yaqubi, Reza Moayyer, Ebrahim Olfat, Enayat Nuri and Alireza Karimpur.

“Persian Motif” showcases various modes of creative expression by eight Iranian artists, who despite their differences in technique and individual style, have been equally inspired by the rich heritage of Persia, the classical name for Iran, the Sutra Foundation said on its website. The exhibit shows how some contemporary Iranian artists draw inspiration from their ancestors and from the rich heritage of Persian arts.
The works in the exhibition exemplifies the creative manner in which traditional culture and historical identity have been transformed by these contemporary visual artists to express paradigm shifts and new ideas.
The exhibit runs until January 8, 2016 at the foundation that is considered a bastion of traditional and contemporary arts in Malaysia.
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