Two solos from Ramli Ibrahim’s IN THE NAME OF LOVE will come alive
at 9 pm on 19th 20th and 21st Sept 2014 at Dama Orchestra’s Theatre Lounge Cafe , First Floor, Plaza Damas 3, Sri Hartamas.
The 45 minute performance will feature Sabera Shaik as Mok Su and Sarasa.
Come spend 45 minutes with two women and have a hilarious time as Mok Su relives the olden days of  Makyong while Sarasa, a banshee that she is, rants and rails at Ravi the tailor, Siva her husband and everyone else around her as she  plots and pleads her way through her murky motherly love. Cheeky women yet strong and delightfully funny.

9pm TLC, Plaza Damas 3
Tickets: RM 65.00
Tel:03 67307982