Sutra Foundation is delighted to learn that a great art ‘happening’ in the form of an artists’ conclave with a strong representation of Odiyan artists, is to be held soon in Bhubaneswar (the information is attached). We are pleased to note many familiar names – that many of the Odiyan painters who will be present at this encounter have also exhibited at Sutra Gallery. We wish them the very best! Sutra Foundation congratulates Dr Dinanath Pathy and Jyotiranjan Swain for spearheading this important event and get-together which we hope will generate positive impact to Contemporary Modern Art in Odisha. We are secretly proud that the two-way Malaysia-Odisha creative exchanges in visual art over the years have contributed, however small, to these creative outpourings in visual art in Odisha. We are pleased to see that Dr Dinanath Pathy (Ganjam), Jyotiranjan Swain (Amorous Delight) and Kishore Sahoo (Blessed Garden), who have recently exhibited with Sutra this year, have forged ahead with new submissions for the landmark exhibition for Ila Panda Centre of Arts (IPCA). We hope this new Art Centre of Odisha will provide the much anticipated and needed platform for Odiyan artists to catalyse the flowering of Contemporary Modern art in Odisha.

Ramli Ibrahim
IPCA Invitation front IPCA_Invitation_program


by Jyotiranjan


By Dr Dinanath Pathy

By Kishore Sahoo

By Kishore Sahoo