Dear Participants of  AtoM 2016
                                From Alarippu To Moksha

On behalf of Sutra Foundation, Smt Vinosree Shankar and all of the AtoM 2016 Team, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for a great season of AtoM this year. Without doubt this is a truly wonderful confluence of artists and audience, of sharing our art with each other and the community.

AtoM 2016Every night was a blessing and I feel that the Festival is going in the right direction. The space itself was unique. Performing in front of the Mulasthana of the Subramaniar Swamy Temple  suffused with an aura of divinity and connecting with a different audience and community (which otherwise would not have experienced this special charmed aura) was something to be treasured. AtoM 2016

I had to attend a conference at UPSI (University Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim) immediately the next morning after the night of our last performance. Coincidentally, the keynote address by ethnomusicologist Prof Dr Tan Sooi Beng touched on the humane activist approach of the performing arts in empowering the community. And this was exactly what we were doing with AtoM, interacting with our students, audience and incorporating dance into the communal activity of the temple in an interactive and positive exchange.

AtoM 2016Once again, on behalf of the AtoM 2016 Team I want to reiterate how crucial is the individual effort in affecting change of mindset of our youth and community. Such reaffirming cultural experience is priceless! However, this effort has to be constantly re-stated and refreshed every time! But this is also how life and creativity are celebrated and renewed.  And we are also being blessed in return.
AtoM 2016

With much love,
Festival Artistic Directors

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim (Chairman)                  Smt.Vinosree Shangkar (Artistic direction)
Sutra Foundation                                                   Padma Nrithyalaya Arts
Sivarajah Natarajan
Trustee of Sutra Foundation & Technical Director