Sutra Foundationpresents

Diverse Sensibilities

P a i n t i n g s  and  S c u l p t u r e s  by
A.V. Ilango, Chelian, Elanchezhiyan & Reena Kochar

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Diverse Sensibilities, as the title aptly describes, showcases the varied and individualistic approaches in the works of four established artists – A.V. Ilango, Chelian, Elanchezhivan and Reena Kochar, all hailing from South India.

Exposed and Inspired by many influences and concepts such as mythology, rituals, animals and dance, their works express the abstraction of the figurative essence distilled from the core of their creative impulse. The exhibition provides an excellent overview of the burgeoning creativity in the contemporary visual art movement of South India.
Opening on 1 October, 2014 from 7.30pm onwards
at Kamaria, 6 Jalan 16/7 Petaling Jaya
With dance performance & refreshment served

Contact us at: +603-40211092