Dear all,
The 25+ years that I’ve had the good fortune to call Datuk Ramli Ibrahim my friend, has sustained me in my own journey; just by knowing that someone like him is working ceaselessly to bring forth the spirit of Beauty, Community and Awareness in this violent, polluted world, is enough to make me carry on.
Sutra is a piece of Heaven on Earth, to be appreciated while it still exists through the presence of someone who appears once- in-a-lifetime in a city like Kuala Lumpur or any city for that matter.  I’ve traveled to many places and met various people, some highly accomplished, but I’ve never met anyone like Datuk Ramli, whom to me is almost a demi-god. One must be a demi-god to pull off every superb,world-class performance the way he does and to run a great institution like Sutra Dance Foundation.
How I wish I were a dancer at Sutra, what good karma. Nine-to-five jobs, corporate careers, making a “good-living”…what’s all that compared to being a star in a company like Sutra that travels the world and performs before Maharajas and other dignitaries…. that is, if you love Dance.
Perhaps not everyone’s meant to be thus blessed, to be able to experience the thrill of such glory throughout the year, but I’m very sure that each one who’ve enjoyed the company of Datuk Ramli will ever remember and thank him for his graciousness.
Indeed the “muse” is an elusive force, if short of being worshipped might not be guaranteed to stay forever…
To me, Sutra is a Giver of Life, a House of Light.
Thank you Datuk Ramli for the spectacular injection you give us, without which I dare say, Kuala Lumpur might not have the aura of culture it now has.
Los Angeles would cut off it’s right arm to have you and an institution like Sutra!
I remain ever your grateful friend,
( Deja vu – seems like I might have said all this before..but it never hurts to repeat oneself )