Dear Friends,
(11.30pm)  8 Jan, 2015

Those who are acquainted with Sutra House and Kamaria (PJ) would have known Sutra’s most ‘feared’
mascot – Bujang. Bujang was a Bukit Lanjan ‘orang asli’ pedigree dog – one of the five puppies 
Siva found under the our Penchala House before it was demolished (this area is now an unrecognisable
gentrified concrete jungle and part of Damansara Utama suburban landscape).
I came back from teaching at 10.30pm this evening and took Bujang and his sister Maya for
their usual walk. Bujang has not been well since 4 weeks ago after one of his escapades whereby 
he must have eaten something really bad from the garbage bins. Dr George, the vet, was immediately summoned 
and we thought that Bujang was on the way to complete recovery… but this was not to be. When we were
walking him I commented how old Bujang was looking…Bujang became weaker even during the short walk and 
was not able to make it back. I had to even carry him home. 
By the time we prepared for his bed in the studio, he had collapsed and was gone. 
Bujang had been a loyal and excellent watch dog for us. Feared by all except those who 
knew him, he will be remembered by a number of Sutra dancers including actor Sabera Shaik who had been 
nipped by Bujang for transgressing his territory in the changing room corner of Sutra. 
He shall be missed and we appreciate his devotion and for being true to his personality till the end…He was 
extremely affectionate dog to me.
Bujang is survived by Fakir (at Sutra) and Maya (in Kamaria).

Bujang | 8 Aug 2014, at KamariaSAMSUNG CSC(10.45pm)  8 Jan, 2015 | Ramli with Bujang