A glimpse of Parama Padam featuring Mohanapriyan Thavarajah

  Exclusively for you, here is a glimpse of Parama Padam featuring Mohanapriyan Thavarajah. Parama Padam – The Life’s Game of Snakes & Ladders Saturday 3rd August 2019 Shantanad Auditorium Temple of Fine Arts / 8pm Entrance by donation RM 50 and RM 30. For bookings call now Sutra Foundation at 03-40211092 or email at sutrafoundation25@gmail.com .


  Dear Friends, Where the art of photography is concerned, Eric Peris stands a giant among modern Malaysian artists. He never cease to amaze us with his photographic innovation and inventive creativity. Although Eric is known for his black-and-white photography, _Pastel Shades_ represents his foray which combines his sensitivity for colour with his b/w photography. […]

Parama Padam – The Life’s Game of Snakes & Ladders, a dance theater production by Apsaras Arts on 3rd August 8PM

Sutra Foundation & Apsaras Arts Present  Parama Padam – The Life’s Game of Snakes & Ladders Saturday 3rd August 2019 Shantanad Auditorium Temple of Fine Arts / 8pm Parama Padam is an ancient Indian board game which was created in ancient India. On the game board there are a hundred squares which are illustrated with ladders […]

Animal and Me : The Animal in Me – an exhibition by 10 artists, 6 July 2019 8PM

  Dear Friends, Sutra Foundation is pleased to present “Animal and Me : The animal in me” by Ten amazing artists from different backgrounds. This exhibition is an attempt to showcase the story of animals and the relationship with man that they share is a fascinating tale that can be expressed in many ways. Join us […]

Envy, longing and desire – an odissi performance by dancers of Sutra Academy from 12 – 14 July 2019 8.30 PM @ Studio Ramli Hassan

  Envy, longing and desire – an odissi performance by dancers of Sutra Academy, who hail from various backgrounds, sharing their journey and dedication to dance. The repertoire explores Longing as a state of being in love; Envy in relation to being abandoned at the height of springtime desire; and Desire as a compulsion to […]

“Chandralekha” – An illustrated talk by Padma Shri Dr Sunil Kothari on 18 June 2019 Tuesday 7.30 PM

  ​Dear Friends, We are fortunate to have Dr Sunil Kothari to present an illustrated talk on Chandralekha, a controversial, revolutionary and towering figure in Indian dance who redefined modernity from the Indian perspectives. A feminist and crusader of human rights (especially women’s rights) and secularism, Chandralekha liberated Indian dance from it’s overtly romantised religiosity […]

‘From the heart of the tradition’ – A Lecture Demonstration by Shri Aniruddha Knight on 16 June 2019 Sunday 8PM

  Dear Friends, finally we will be getting a clearer insight of Bala’s legacy of Bharatanatyam from her own grandson, dancer Aniruddha Knight. Bala’s art has its origin from the devadasi tradition itself that considers the mystical-eroticism of its content as part and parcel of the tradition. Bala was also an excellent singer where dance […]

“I can weave through many interesting identities and roles” – Ramli Ibrahim, by Vijay Shanker for Narthaki Online

Acclaimed as a brilliant Odissi exponent and contemporary western choreographer, credited for his flamboyant and aesthetic performances, Malaysia’s ‘Datuk’ Ramli Ibrahim commenced his career as a dancer with Western Australian Dance Company and later established Sutra Foundation (2007) in Malaysia with a team of talented dancers, travelling all over the world with spectacular performances. In […]

Poetry in motion by Subhadra Devan, New Straits Times

Sutra and Rudrakshya dancers in the upcoming Odissi On High. (Picture courtesy of Sutra Foundation) DYNAMIC, exciting and technically challenging. That’s the fresh creative energy flowing into Sutra Foundation’s Odissi On High, due to kick off its second season next week. Played to rave reviews last year, Odissi On High is a collaboration with Odisha-based […]

Malaysia’s Sutra Dance Theatre’s acclaimed ‘Odissi on High’ tours India by Melanie Chalil, Malay Mail

‘Odissi on High’ will tour eight cities in India in May. — Pictures and video by Hari Anggara PETALING JAYA, April 9 — When Datuk Ramli Ibrahim rolled out Sutra Dance Theatre’s Odissi on High last July, the unorthodoxly fast-paced traditional Indian dance performance was a hit among audiences young and old. This year, the breathtaking performance […]