Dear Editor,
We would like to correct a statement written in your newspaper that Sutra dancers
presented a ‘North Indian dance’ (what north Indian dance was not specified?) at a recent Tamil Conference.

The incorrect reportage, which appeared in your Makkal Osai the on the 31 January, 2015 gave a negative impression
of Sutra dancers, as if they were ignorant of the context of their performance.
(Sutra dancers was requested to present a bharatanatyam dance at the opening of the International Tamil Studies Conference on Friday 30 January, 2015 at Dewan Chanselor, University Malaya. Also present was Malaysian PM, Datuk Seri


Sutra, as an established dance company in Malaysia with also a credible international reputation,  has worked hard to achieve the respect from the community for its excellence and is known for its performance ethics.  This incorrrect reportage that Sutra dancers performed an inappropriate dance for the Tamil Conference damaged our reputation and created the wrong impression to readers who did not attend the conference.
For your information, the dance Sutra dancers performed was a Pushpanjali followed by Alarippu, which was clearly a bharatanatyam repertoire. The music was also in classical Carnatic style. The costume and jeweleries were South Indian. The basic information about the dance was announced prior to the performance.
Therefore, we are perplexed as to how this wrong reportage could have be made.  We hope that the reporter was just a complete novice, ignorant of basic knowledge of the different Indian classical dance styles and did
not do it out of malice or for any other agenda to discredit the conference (knowing how the climate with the Indian community is presently rife with internal politics). Sutra being apolitical, would prefer not to be a victim of another agenda, not our own.
However, the damage to Sutra Foundation – an institution which works for the empowerment of our society through Arts and Culture – is done through this wrong reporting. This is especially so, as mentioned, for those who did not attend the conference and relied of Makkal Osai’s reporting.  It gave the impression that Sutra was shoddy in its commitment and did not know what it was doing. Many readers had alerted us of this slight.
Sutra requests clarification from Makkal Osai, and, like the wronged Kannagi in Sillapadikaram of the Tamil Sangam literature, seeks an apology for this wrong deed.
Ramli Ibrahim
Sutra Foundation
News Paper as source