Day 1 (12-Dec-2014) Friday

Program 1 (A) (7.30pm – 8.30pm)

NRITYA KALANJALI (Ipoh)   Artistic Director: Sudha Thamothiran



  1. PUSHPANJALI     Ragamalika   Talamalika

Flower offering seeking the divine grace followed by Alarippu, a pure dance .

  1. JATISWARAM              Raga Kannada    Tala  Adi

Pure dance


  1. KIRTANAM (Ananda Koothanin) Raga Hamsanandhi Tala Adi

Describing the vigorous (tandava) dance of Lord Siva.


  1. PADAM (Kadhal Kaninthurugum)      Raga Suddha Sarang & Basanth Bahar     Tala Adi

The dancer describes what happens between a maiden and her lover during their first encounter.


  1. KAAVADI CHINDU (Azhagu deivam)   Raga Sechurutti Tala Adi

In praise of Lord Muruga


  1. THILLANA (Kalinga Nartanam) Raga Gambira Natai                  Tala  Adi

Pure dance with a verse describing Lord Krishna’s dance on the hoods of the Serpent Kaliya (Kalinga).


PROGRAM 1 (B)  (8.40pm – 9.40pm)

SUTRA DANCE THEATRE (Kuala Selangor Outreach Dance Program)

Artistic Director: Ramli Ibrahim

PRAY, LOVE, DANCE (Bharatanatyam & Odissi)


  1. PUSHPANJALI (Bharatanatyam)    Raga Natai   Tala  Adi

Flower offering with Ganesha Pancaratnam, followed by Alarippu (in Tisra Dhruvam)


  1. MANGALA CHARANAM (Bakra Tunda) (Odissi)

Entrance of the dancers with an invocation to Ganesha, ending with the salutation to the audience.


  1. LALITA LAVANGA (Odissi)    Raga Vasanta

Taken from the Gita Govinda of medieval Odiyan poet, Jayadeva.  Radha’s confidante describes the beauty of spring and tells her that Sri Krishna has been dallying with other gopis –  a cruel time for a deserted lover, intensifying further Radha’s pain of love-separation with the pastoral God.


  1. PALLAVI (Odissi)       Raga Kolabati

Pure dance followed by an Oriya abhinaya describing the dalliance Krishna with the gopis.


  1. MOHANA THILLANA   (Bharatanatyam)     Raga Mohana       Tala Rupakam

Pure Dance


  1. MOKSHA  (Odissi)

Final dance of Joy and Release


Day 2 (13-Dec-2014), Saturday

Program 2 (A) (7.30pm – 8.30pm)

SUBRAANJALI DANCE THEATRE (Puchong) (Bharatanatyam)

Program 2 (B)  (8.30pm – 9.40pm)


Artistic Director and Choreographer: Ajith Bhaskaran Dass

ABHIKYA – The Splendour of Dance (Premiered in Johor Bahru in 2014)

  1. NRITTA TARANGINI  Raga Sarasvati Tala Adi

An exploration of the architectural beauty of bharatanatyam


  1. SHADAKSHARAM Raga Shanmukhapriya Tala Adi

Invocation of the six-faced Lord Subrahmanya, the Lord of Valour and Wisdom

  1. VARNAM Ragamalika  Tala Adi

An anthology of stories culled from the Devi Purana, describing the various shades of emotions of the Goddess Shakti

  1. KIRTANAM (Engum Chidambaram) Ragamalika       Tala Adi

In praise of Lord Shiva, who manifests himself in the five elements (Panchabhuta). Siva is not only all-pervading but resides in the sacred space within, Chit-Ambaram.

  1. NRITTA ANGAHARA Raga Sarasangi  Tala Adi

The final flourish with an explosion of pure dance.



 Day 3 (14-Dec-2014) Sunday

Program 3 (A) (7.30pm – 8.30pm)


Artistic Director: Vinosree Shangkar

BHARATA NRITYA PRAVAAHAM – An innovative devotional rendition showcasing the profound and intrinsic meaning of ‘Divinity’ through the streams or pravaaham of Bharatha Nrityam, a dance style based on the Natya Sastra.

  1. PUSPANJALI Raga Natai Tala Adi

A flower offering and salutation to Siva Nataraja (Lord of Dance), the Guru, musicians and the audience which includes Thevaram verses of Appar Adigal.


  1. ALARIPPU Raga Shankarabharanam Tala Chatusram Adi


Pure dance and metaphoric blossoming of the dancer’s mind and body, accompanied by Thirupugazh.


  1. KIRTANAM (Sri Vignaraja Bhaje)  Raga Gambira Natai Tala Kanda


In praise of Lord Ganesha, Remover of obstacles.


  1. KAUTVAM Raga Shanmughapriya Tala Rupakam


A hymn to Lord Muruga.




The verses of Thiruvisaippa (9th volume of Tirumurai, composed by Tamil poet Karuvur Thevar and spiritual Guru of King Rajaraja Chola). are 1000 years old and addresses the presiding deity, Lord Brihadeswara of Tanjavur. The music was composed by Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam for the 1000-year celebration of Brihadeswara Temple where 1000 bharatanatyam dancers performed.


  1. SANDHYA TANDAVAM Raga Sallabam Tala Chatusra Matyam


Sandhya Tandavam, one of the 7 dazzling tandava dances of Lord Siva, is a captivating twilight dance of Lord Siva which brings the world slowly into the embrace of darkness. Referred also as Bhujanga Lalitham or Pradosha Tandavam, Siva’s dance is believed to be witnessed by his entourage and celestial audience that include Brahma, Vishnu and Indra. This song concludes with a Thevaram (Maasil Veenaiyum).


Program 3 (B) (8.30pm – 9.30pm)

SUTRA DANCE THEATRE (with dancers from Ladang Sg Choh & Kajang SRJK (Tamil) Outreach Dance Program

Artistic Director: Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

SAVOURING ODISSI – A tapestry of traditional odissi repertoire young and senior dancers.



Invocatory dance with a verse dedicated to Ganesha



An Oriya abhinaya interpreting the song of Banamali, medieval Odiyan poet ‘My dear friend, can anyone possibly imagine the state I was in when confronted with Krishna playing his divine flute…’


  1. STHAI

Pure dance depicting celestial maidens found in temple sculptures beautifying themselves with garlands and playing musical instruments such as the flute, drum, vina and cymbals.


  1. PALLAVI   Raga Kalyan

A pure dance, which begins with a verse depicting the personification of the male Raga Kalyan, shown as a warrior clad in gold suffused with a red aura, preparing for battle.



A dance depicting of Surya (the Sun), The Dispeller of Darkness, being driven on his chariot of seven horses.


  1.  MOKSHA

Finale of dance Joy and Release.




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