Dear Friends,
At this point of writing, more than a month after the historic 9th May, 2018 ‘tsunami’ election, when the power of people of Malaysia voted for a new government, there is still nothing much on the horizon of what the vision of Arts and Culture would be in the new Malaysia. Sutra, however, has to keep moving forward with its projected activities for 2018, keeping body and soul together through lean and happy times and continuing to express, share, liberate and commune with the core of human spirit through Arts and Culture. Good or bad times, our work has to go on.
Our Gala Fundraising night of Odissi on High is on 4 July (Wednesday), and we depend on your support. You, the audiences (besides the artists) are the real patrons of the arts in Malaysia.
Invitation for the Gala Fundraising night is now available at RM 150.00 and I hope you will tell your friends about this wonderful Malaysia-India collaboration. This is a production with boundless verve and audacity – a truly apt celebration for our New Malaysia.
There are only 200 seats left – so hurry!
Ramli Ibrahim
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