Dear Friends,

Free at last! Well, perhaps not totally yet… the sinaran (light) at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, but can we hope for the return of the good ol’ days, soon?

– When can our spirits once again soar where our dreams take us?
– Without having to bother wearing a mask and keeping our social distance?

Malaysia is opening up. It is one of the fortunate ‘green bubbles’ in the world where the Covid-19 is under control. Starting today – schools, parks and theatres are opening once again and we hope we are able to totally curb the cycle of this hideous pandemic in the next few weeks.

We, at Sutra, are confident that soon Lepas-Bebas (Free to roam) will be the mantra of getting back to the positive spirit of the ‘normal’ days!

We must let our spirit heal as we can still rejoice!