It is wonderful to finally able to launch Sutra’s pictorial book ‘Quintessential Sutra’ in Ubud, Bali. Bali is featured extensively in the book. Sutra’s formative days when works were conceived and festivals were presented, were spent in Ubud, Bali. From Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat, James Murdoch, Asri Ghafar to Baris dance, Anak Agung Anom to many other wonderful memories were chronicled somewhat in the book. The extent of chain reaction continues to the U.S. where Asmeen Khan who is a supporter of Sutra, sponsored our performance at the Kennedy’s Centre of Performing Arts Washington D.C. (2015).  And of course, the cultural connection of Bali and Odisha/Odissi must be spelt out of which Dr Dinanath Pathy was the curator of the Bali-Kalinga Yatra of 1992 of Biju Patnaik.
Thank you Joost Van Grieken for hosting this launch at his wonderful house, SUKUN in the sylvan Semana Village!
Quintessential Sutra, Bali 2016
Quintessential Sutra