It was significant and synchronistic that the recent KLIDance Festival flash-mobs took place exactly at the same Low Yat Plaza KL, almost right the after the incident of ‘theft turned racial Malay-Chinese skirmish’ at this thriving electronic gadget mall. I had rushed from my TEDxKL talk at Putra Stadium on the afternoon of 8 August, 2015 to the Low Yat Plaza mall to be part of the two sessions of flash-mob organised to promote our DiverseCity Festival 2015.  The Mall was not what it used to be after the skirmish, if was a much more quiet version of its former self. I would have advised the Plaza to immediately have an antidote ‘cleansing’ session from both the Malay and Chinese shamans to bring quickly again confidence and psychic wellness of this normally popular mall. Fortunately, the flash-mob from Dua Space Theatre and Sutra organised months ago to promote their performances for the KL International Dance Festival 2015 (Istana Budaya) provided this service. When Dua Space dancers emerged amongst the shoppers with their painted masks to dance around the surprised visitors, enticing them to the front façade of the Mall, they palpably brought with them the good vibes once again. Dua Space dancers then performed a teaser excerpt from their coming premiere – The Tree. From the excerpt one glimpsed how this wonderful Malaysian company has achieved maturity and excellence under the guidance of their dedicated and talented artistic directors – Aman Yap and Anthony Meh. Sutra performed odissi right after to promote their new work GANJAM under the direction of Guru Gajendra Panda and Ramli Ibrahim. The Low Yat Plaze rang with the rumbustious sound of drums and ukkutas of odissi music and dance bells and the place felt good again! There were much buzz from visitors and shoppers alike who came then from all directions for a visual and aural respite from the hot-humid day.  DANCE ON, KL! (Come and visit our website at for more information on tickets for the festival. ) Ramli Ibrahim

flash mob (22)
Artistes of Sutra Dance Theatre

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Artistes of Dua Space Dance Theatre