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Datuk Ramli Ibrahim gave an inspiring TEDxKL talk on the 8 Aug, 2015 in the presence of over 4000 audience at the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil which had the theme:Infinity & Beyond. Ramli began with the Natya Sastra of Bharata, the oldest treatise on dramaturgy, which propounded that ‘there is no axiom, no concept in the universe which cannot be expressed in dance.’ Ramli proceeded to elaborate on the first dance specialist – the shaman, who deals matters of the spirit which runs parallel with our material world. Ramli mentioned that the shaman first commune with the realm of the spirit and that this first commune of the shaman with the spirit was the original theatre created by man. The shaman, the progenitor of theatre, is the adi-guru, the Semar – who is the archetype of Shiva, the Dancer par excellence. Ramli touched on the body of the dancer being the microcosm of the universe and ideas and concepts are communicated through metaphors and power of suggestion. Ramli concluded with the description of the symbols found of the Chola icon of Shiva Nataraja and described the Dhyana sloka of Shiva – Angikam bhuvanam….as the metaphors used in the dance of Shiva.