Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple Kuala Selangor


From Alarippu to Moksha 2016
(AtoM 2016)

A 6-day Festival of Indian classical dance featuring
A confluence (sangam) of Dance Institutions of Malaysia, Singapore and India at

The Subramaniar Swamy Temple, Kuala Selangor
Artistic direction Ramli Ibrahim & Smt.Vinosree Shangkar

16 – 21 Nov, 2016 (Wed – Mon)
7.30 pm – 9.30pm
‘The only offering that truly enriches is the one that is dedicated to the Divine’
Radhakrishnan Fine Arts | Klang
This is the third successful year that From Alarippu to Moksha Festival has been held at the Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple, Kuala Selangor. After the success ofFrom Alarippu to Moksha 2014 and 2015, we are convinced that this dance festival ‘happening’ has the potential to be a unique annual event in Malaysia. The idea of bringing dance out of the hassle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur to the rustic ambience of the Subramaniar Swamy Temple complex, is a singularly refreshing one. From Alarippu to Moksha 2015 is successful, not only in communicating the message of bringing dance to out-of-city audience, back again to the precinct of the temple, but also as a platform for new talents.
Padma Nrithyalaya Arts | Seremban
The Subramaniar Swamy temple is a compelling venue and has proven to be an excellent space for a gathering of Malaysian Indian dance institutions. This time, we are delighted to also have the international Singapore-based Apsaras Art performing with us, making the Festival a truly exciting Malaysia-Singapore-India sanga m of Indian culture. It is our belief that AtoM Festival can be cultivated into something special – not unlike the Sarawak Rainforest Festival or the few other not so city-centric events which are conducted in less known parts of Malaysia. It is important that the ‘stranglehold’ of cultural activities in KL be relieved and that culture be de-centralised and made more accessible to wider communities.
Apsaras Art | Singapore
Kuala Selangor has a substantial Indian populace who would benefit from exposure of the finer arts so that its residents are able to partake in this culturally empowering experience. Another major thrust of the Festival is that Kuala Selangor itself has interesting tourist spots and quaint eateries which will make the Festival worth the visit to Kuala Selangor for aficionados as well as those who want to know rural Malaysia better.
Suvarna Fine Arts | Johor Bahru
The AtoM 2016 Festival program has expanded from last year and is designed to feature at least 8 groups of Indian classical institutions with added participation of several Malaysian and international solo guest performers.  The platform promises to have a mix of both established and young talents. The classical forms featured will be bharatanatyam, odissi and kathak. Generally, two groups will perform per night (45 minutes per group) within the period of 6 days, sprinkled with solo appearances of the above-mentioned solo guest artistes.

The Subramaniar Swamy


emple committee has agreed to sponsor not just the venue but also the food for the artistes and guests after the performance.

All are welcome!
T +603 4021 1092 (Sutra Foundation),
T +6011 2755 3976 (Mrs. Vinosree),
T +6019 334 5055 (Mr. Mogana Sundram, Temple Chairman)
Day 1

Purush (male dancers) and solos featuring well known
dancers: Ramli Ibrahim, Ajith Bhaskar Dass, Shankar Kandasamy, Nadarajan Muniandy, Shanmugha Sundaram and Harenthiran | Bharatanatyam
Day 2
Temple of Fine Arts
, Kuala Lumpur (TFA)  | Bharatanatyam . Kuchipudi . Kathak
Radhakrishnan Fine Arts Klang
Artistic Director:  Guru Nalini Radhakrishnan | Bharatanatyam
Day 3
Nrityam Arts
Artistic Director: Guru Yamuna Ramesh | Bharatanatyam
Padma Nrithalaya Arts Seremban
Artistic Director: Guru Vinosree Shangkar | Bharatanatyam
Day 4

Apsaras Art Singapore
Artistic Director: Shri Aravinth Kumarasamy | Bharatanatyam
Suvarna Fine Arts Johor Bahru
Artistic Director: Guru Ajith Bhaskar Dass | Bharatanatyam
Day 5
Sutra Foundation
 Kuala Lumpur
featuring dancers from Sutra’s Dance Outreach program of Kuala Selangor, Sg Choh, Kajang besides senior dancers of Sutra)  &  Other Solos | Odissi
Day 6
Solos & Selection of groups from Kuala Lumpur

Bharatanatyam . Odissi
(In conjunction with Bhairava Puja)
Groups /Institutions:
  1. Sutra Dance Theatre Kuala Lumpur
    Sutra highlights dancers from it’s Outreach Dance program (Kuala Selangor, Ladang Sg Choh and Kajang)
    Artistic Director: Datuk Ramli Ibrahim
  2. Padma Nrithyalaya Arts Seremban
    Artistic Director: Guru Vinosree Shangkar
  3. Suvarna Fine Arts Johor Bahru
    Artistic Director: Guru Ajith Bhaskar Dass
  4. Radhakrishnan Fine Arts Klang
    Artistic Director:  Guru Nalini Radhakrishnan
  5. Nrityam Arts Puchong
    Artistic Director: Guru Yamuna Ramesh
  6. Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur
  7. Apsaras Art Singapore
    Artistic Director: Shri Aravinth Kumarasamy
  8. Purush (male bharatanatyam dancers: Ramli Ibrahim . Ajith Bhaskar Das . Shankar Kandasamy . Harenthiran . Shanmughan Sundaram . Nadarajan Muniandy)
Solo performers:
  • Shanmugha Sundaram
  • Ramli Ibrahim
  • Shankar Kandasamy
  • Sudha Thamothiran
  • Ajith Bhaskar Dass
  • Nadarajan Muniandy
  • Varsha