For the love of Krishna

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 – 6:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Shereena Merchant
Malaysian artiste Ramli Ibrahim incorporates the Lord’s leelas in a dance form

The international dance connoisseurs have described Ramli Ibrahim as one of the finest artistes of his generation. He is a creator and a visionary. Having trained rigorously in ballet, modern and Indian classical dance, he is now the choreographer of the Sutra Dance Theatre in Malaysia.
In Mumbai
Now after an eight-city tour all around Malaysia he is bringing Krishna, Love Reinvented, to Mumbai at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) in collaboration with the Sahachari Foundation. Bringing the timeless story to light, the centre is filled with excitement and is sure to expect members of the foundation and a lot of people from the dance community. “This piece is a celebration of love and shows Radha’s consuming love and passion for Krishna,” Ibrahim says.
Spiritual journey
Being an extremely spiritual being, Ibrahim uses Odissi which itself has a very strong spiritual base. His dance form incorporates a lot of bold movements. The music is extremely traditional and inspired by Guru Deba Prasad Das who focuses more on the Shiva style of dance that comprises strong taandav dance elements.
Ibrahim says that Indian classical dance is something that he does because he thinks of it as a very challenging art from for solo dance.
The songs of Govinda
He brings uniqueness to this performance by focusing on Jaidev and not Geet Govindam. He uses Jaidev and Padmini as a couple, but does not follow the text. He incorporates elements of the Mangaracharam in this spectacular. Vrindavan is represented by the sets and the river Yamuna that flows in the background. He shows multiple Krishnas dancing with each gopi to make each one feel special. Krishna is shown as a deity and as a human. Having performed in Mumbai previously, he fell in love with the audience. Ibrahim is pretty excited to showcase this spectacle and see the audience reaction. This show “explores the essence of love at its sweetest and most intense” says the choreographer who will be performing as well.
When and Where: November 20 at NCPA from 6.30 pm onwards