Dancers of Sutra Foundation in Odissi on High, 2018 1
The Indian classical dance forms have inspired artists across the world. Among the list of artists enchanted by India’s cultural heritage is Malaysian Odissi dancer Ramli Ibrahim.
Distinctive lyricism, sensuality in movements and the thribhanga —three deflections of head, torso and hip position — combined with the compelling music, bewitched Ramli at a very early age.
“I was completely taken over by Odissi when I first saw it and decided to learn it.  However, on hindsight, I wonder if it was destined that Odissi chose me to be its vehicle instead of the other way round,” says the founder of Kuala Lumpur based Sutra Dance theatre, who will be performing Odissi on High with his group at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Read more here : Dance like a man