Bhata – Exhibition of Photography by Eric Peris

Sutra Gallery | 7 May (Sunday) 2017 | 8.30pm
Officiated by Eric Peris
Exhibition continues until 7 June 2017


Bhata is an exhibition of 18 images taken in Malaysia, Bali, Japan and Thailand. It is not a study of landscape, plant life, abstracts nor flowers. I am using the images chosen to try and reflect from the image a message about life and living. It is a case where “Do we see and do we not reflect nor realise Mother Nature’s hints.” The exhibition is dedicated to my brother.  –  Eric Peris

Eric’s Statement

Bhata is an exhibition to commemorate the memory of my brother – Bastian. He passed away before I was born. He was two-and-a-half years old when he passed away. My parents used to tell me of my brother. My sister told me that she was six at that time. A month after his passing she had a dream of him. He was dressed as a Buddhist Monk, He told her that he will look after the family. I have used images taken in Malaysia, Bali, Japan and Thailand to express Buddhist values that I have learnt from the Dhamma. I am doing his for him. I know for myself at various times he had in some way or other guided me. One thing I always do when out photographing is to record images that I felt would fit well to some of the values I have learnt from the Dhamma. These images are Mother Nature based. This is what I am sharing with the viewer.  – Eric Peris



Eric Peris
Born in 1939, distinguished photographer, Eris Peris is of Sri Lankan descent and known for establishing modern photography as a recognised art form in Malaysia. Eric’s works became the Malaysian photographic classic, simultaneously establishing the benchmark for other photographers to emulate.

A Buddhist, his works speak volume of his compassionate world-view and philosophy. His sensitive eyes guided the compelling tonal ranges he was able to bring out in his mastery of light and shadow in his photography.  His works communicate a poignancy and depth of understanding that resonate with the Energy and Spirit of Mother Nature. More than others, he is acknowledged for bringing to the fore the distinctive beauty of the Malaysian landscape.

His minimalist images send a strong underlying message of the transience of Life and the ever-changing flux of Energy, which permeate our complex Universe. Eric owes his artistic direction to his father, O Don Peris, who was himself an established royal artist of Johor, known for his landscape and portrait works.  However, it was Eric’s mother, who was his muse and the guiding light of his creativity. Eric was a self-taught photographer.

He was photo journalist of the New Straits Times for twenty-four years becoming eventually its photo-editor, during its hey-days as Malaysia’s most popular print media. Eric was photographic consultant and coordinator for the Trans-Borneo Expeditions 1988-1990 and Co-chairman of the yearly National Productivity Photographic Contest of National and Asean Level 1986 & 1991 . He was part of the panel for the Malaysian Press Institute yearly Press Photography Awards since 1996 for Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Eric has held more than 40 solo exhibitions since 1980 and took part in several group exhibitions in Malaysia and Overseas.

He has received the National Art and Visual Gallery Award for contribution to Photography. Eric has published few books such as: Landscape – A Photographic Study of the Tin Mines Landscapes of Malaysia (1980); Images of Gitanjali – a pictorial study of the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore (1984) and The Malaysian Heritage Homes – A photographic study of the architectural influences in Malaysia (1989).

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Sun sets
Soft waves
Gently wash
Onto the beach
Tranquil moments

Rice, Ready for harvesting
Good Earth’s blessing
Low, heavy clouds

Dawn mist
Ever painting
A scene of Morning mystery
Lush reeds
Still water