This is a sound piece of advise

This is a sound piece of advise. It is easy to take for granted and forget that Sutra has been a wonderful focus and ‘playground’ not just for grooming artistic excellence but also for exactly the character developing empowerment and the awareness of responsibility mentioned in this sound piece of advice below. 
Sutra House has been yours (both dancers and parents) to grow over the years. Dancers have become national icons and admired and able to tour worldwide. Through the blessing of being in Sutra, they are able to experience some of the best times of their lives. Without compulsion, there is a need to re-think how they can contribute back to society through the gift of Dance, by performance, teaching, being role model for others etc. I think it is important that this is realised, otherwise, that ‘muse’ which is an elusive ‘creative force’ which has sustained you (dancers), is not guaranteed to stay long and forever…
Ramli – 2014

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