Divya Nair

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first trained in ballet, and then bharatanatyam and odissi with Sutra. Of mixed Indian and Chinese parentage, Divya has participated in all of Sutra’s major dance productions. She has toured India, Europe, Oman and USA with appearances in major centres such as Carnegie Hall (2008), Asia Society (2014), Downtown Dance Festival in 2011 (NY) and Kennedy Center of Performing Arts (Washington DC 2014). Divya stood out as a Sutra major talent in Ramli Ibrahim’s contemporary work L’Après Midi d’un Faune (2011), partnering Sean Scantlebury (Battery Dance Company, NY) and in Rathimalar’s Panjara. Her first contemporary choreography ‘Stranded soul in black coffin’ for Tepak Tari was featured as part of DiverseCity 2015 – Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival. She currently pursues a Business Degree.

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