VICKNESHWARAN, one the fresh talents to have  emerged from the ranks  of Sutra dancers, is a highly  musical  and  intelligent   dancer.   An  engineer   by  profession, Vickeshwaran took up odissi  only five  years  ago.  Due to his  natural  aptitude  for dance, hard work,dedication  and prodigious  talent  he is  able  to catch up  in  both expressive  and […]

Mridulla Kannan

started bharatanatyam at the age of five but had to take a break for four years when the family moved to Sabah. She then joined Sutra and learnt bharatanatyam when the family shifted back to Kuala Lumpur. She expanded her repertoire with odissi two years later. She has performed in Sutra’s productions River Sutra and […]

Vanizha Vasanthanathan

Vanizha Vasanthanathan’s rise as one of Malaysia’s top models is short of meteoric. In the last eight months, she is the most photographed face in the industry, blazing the pages of glossy magazines and walking the fashion ramps in KL. Vanizha started learning odissi at 15 but was too lanky and too tall to dance in […]


At eighteen, Thrisherna, trained in odissi and bharatanatyam, is the youngest and one of the brightest stars of the new generation of Sutra dancers. Supremely confident, Thrisherna, who has a remarkable aptitude for movement, invests her movement with energy and verve. She has performed in most of Sutra’s productions and participated in its major national […]


grew up with a lot of exposure to dance and performances as she watched her sister Revathi performed with Sutra. She formally started odissi classes at the age of 11, followed by ballet and contemporary dance techniques. When her talent and progress as a dancer was apparent, she was chosen to perform with Sutra dancers. […]


Harenthiran’s transformation into a compelling dancer performing the principal male roles in many of Sutra’s productions, is a slow but steady process. Trained in odissi, bharatanatyam, ballet and contemporary modern techniques, Harenthiran is a passionate performer with long expressive limbs, and he projects a compelling stage presence. He has taken many major roles in Sutra […]

Tan Mei Mei

was introduced to odissi by Sooraj Subramaniam, a Sutra senior dancer, and then continued to pursue this dance style with Sutra. A dynamic dancer in control of her technique, Mei Mei made impact in her first performance The First Awakenings (Alarippu to Moksha 2005). She was then featured in all of Sutra’s major odissi productions […]

Geethika Sree

started bharatanatyam under her mother, Sudha Sasikumar, founder of Nritya Kalanjali Dance School (Ipoh, Perak) and then commenced learning odissi with Sutra Dance Theatre. With inherent angasuddha (perfection of body pose), Geethika excels in both classical styles. At eleven, Geethika was first featured in Sutra’s Alarippu to Moksha and now, at nineteen, she is already […]

Divya Nair

first trained in ballet, and then bharatanatyam and odissi with Sutra. Of mixed Indian and Chinese parentage, Divya has participated in all of Sutra’s major dance productions. She has toured India, Europe, Oman and USA with appearances in major centres such as Carnegie Hall (2008), Asia Society (2014), Downtown Dance Festival in 2011 (NY) and […]