Sutra Academy proudly presents Alarippu to Moksha 2011
- Tintinnabulations of ankle bells in One Rhythm
Dates: 17-20 Nov 2011 (Thurs – Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: French School of Kuala Lumpur (Lycee Francais de Kuala Lumpur)
34 Jalan 1/38b, Off Jalan Segambut 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tickets: RM 30
For ticket enquiries, please contact
Jeffrey at Sutra Tel : 603 4021 1092 or email :

Sutra Dance Theatre is proud to present “Alarippu to Moksha 2011” at the
French School of Kuala Lumpur (Lycee Francais de Kuala Lumpur), Segambut
17 – 20 (inclusive) November, 2011.

Alarippu to Moksha plots the journey of a dancer from the first blossoming (alarippu)
to the attainment of absolute joy (moksha) when Dance and the Dancer find resonance
in each other.

Alarippu to Moksha, started in 1997 as Sutra Dance Theatre’s platform for upcoming talents,
shining light on some of Sutra’s pioneer dancers like Rathimalar Govindarajoo, Sooraj Subramaniam
and January Low; performing solos to critical acclaim. This tradition of Alarippu to Moksha carried
on later giving rise to Sutra stars like Revathi Tamil Selvam, Nishah Devi, Tan Mei Mei, Divya Nair,
Sivagamavalli, Geethika Sree, Harenthiran and Michelle Chang.

“The fact that Sutra has consistently produced such a stellar array of dancers who have stirred
the hearts of Malaysian audience, owes in no small measure to the exposures these dancers have had,
through Alarippu to Moksha” – Ramli Ibrahim.

This year’s dance season features both Sutra’s senior and upcoming dancers in compelling programs
of Bharata Natyam and Odissi.

For Sutra watchers, Alarippu to Moksha is an excellent 4-day series of performances to witness
emerging talents from Sutra Academy.

The programs are:
17 Nov (Thurs) – Strength Program 1 Bharata Natyam
18 Nov (Fri) – Devotion Program 2 Bharata Natyam
19 Nov (Sat) – Resolute Program 3 Odissi
20 Nov (Sun) – Passion Program 4 Odissi

It is truly reaffirming to watch the young dancers projected to the fore with the challenges of
new works. In Alarippu to Moksha 2011, Sutra dancers are given the chance to not only empower
themselves as they break new grounds but to dance together with One heart in One rhythm.

Watching Alarippu to Moksha, one is amazed at how Bharata Natyam and Odissi has become
the perfect vehicle of empowerment of the artistic talents of Sutra’s emerging dancers.

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