INTERFACE, with Sooraj Subramaniam & Sutra Dancers

Sutra Foundation  presents INTERFACE of East and West; of the traditional and modern Sooraj Subramaniam with Weijun and Sutra Dancers 21 & 22 August 2014 (Thursday & Friday), 8.30 pm Entrance by donation of RM 30.00. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”23″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” show_search_box=”0″ search_box_width=”180″ image_column_number=”14″ images_per_page=”14″ image_title=”show” image_enable_page=”1″ thumb_width=”180″ thumb_height=”90″ thumb_click_action=”undefined” thumb_link_target=”undefined” popup_fullscreen=”0″ popup_autoplay=”1″ popup_width=”800″ popup_height=”500″ […]

BESTA Bollywood

  Dear Dancers! Sutra offers a special series of 4 – Bollywood Dance classes by European Bollywood specialist, dancer/choreographer Tom Decuyper. Tom, presently based in Belgium is only in Malaysia for 2 weeks to offer these 4 Bollywood classes for Sutra.  We welcome all dancers and also non-dancers (mothers and dance-students) to take this opportunity […]

This is a sound piece of advise

This is a sound piece of advise. It is easy to take for granted and forget that Sutra has been a wonderful focus and ‘playground’ not just for grooming artistic excellence but also for exactly the character developing empowerment and the awareness of responsibility mentioned in this sound piece of advice below.  Sutra House has been yours (both dancers […]

Dear All

Dear all,   The 25+ years that I’ve had the good fortune to call Datuk Ramli Ibrahim my friend, has sustained me in my own journey; just by knowing that someone like him is working ceaselessly to bring forth the spirit of Beauty, Community and Awareness in this violent, polluted world, is enough to make […]

Kumbha Mela-Media release

Kumbha Mela Festival of the pot BY SARAH NH VOGELER – 13 JULY 2014 @ 8:02 AM Source: NEW STRAITS TIMES Lalit Verma presents striking images from Kumbha Mela, one of the largest religious assemblies in the world, writes Sarah NH Vogeler KUMBH Mela (word of Hindi origin) and Kumbha Mela (in original Sanskrit and other Indian languages) refer to the […]


PANEList Datuk Ramli Ibrahim  12:15pm Panel Discussion Datuk Ramli Ibrahim Chairman, Sutra Foundation Here’s a global gathering of breakthrough thinkers who will inspire marketers and the creative community in Malaysia to excel beyond the sea of sameness. Marketing communications professionals who want to lead change and profit from better creativity will win at this one-day historic event. It does […]


Sutra Foundation presents Kumbha Mela Exhibition of photographs by Lalit Verma (Director, Aurodhan Gallery, Puducherry) Sutra Gallery 14 June – 14 July, 2014 Spirituality, a hallmark of Indian tradition, expresses itself in colourful religious festivals along the banks of sacred rivers and temples. The most important of these, the Kumbh Mela or the ‘festival of the pot’, is one of the largest religious gatherings of the world. It finds its origin in […]

Stillness Consumed | exhibition of drawing and sculpture by Yuande Zheng

Sutra Foundation presents Stillness Consumed exhibition of drawing and sculpture by Yuande Zheng Officiated by Datuk Rosaline Ganendra (Board of Director, Minconsult) 16 August, 2014 (opening) – 8pm exhibition continues until 16 September, 2014.  At Kamaria, No 6 Jalan 16/7 Petaling Jaya (please RSVP if attending opening launch) [Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”21″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” show_search_box=”0″ […]